Clerks 3 In Pipeline?

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Clerks3300Once the darling of the US indie circuit, now arch nemesis of critics the world over, Kevin Smith has aired his views on a potential Clerks sequel, possibly turning the ‘franchise’ into a trilogy.

However, the director may not be involved nor his permission even required for the project to go ahead. Announcements were made after it emerged Miramax signed a deal with The Weinstein Company to partner up and produce follow-ups to popular co-owned titles such as Bad Santa, Swingers and Shakespeare In Love.

Included amongst this catalogue of films were Clerks and titles produced under ‘View Askewniverse’ – including popular stoner characters Jay & Silent Bob.

Twittering with abandon, Smith said: “I guess if someone was going to exploit the library for sequels, remakes, TV, I’d rather it be the devil I know. Nice to know there’s a home for Clerks III if I ever wanted to make it, but hope it doesn’t become a home for a Clerks-anything if I’m not involved.”

Addressing his own concerns regarding intellectual property rights and character ownership, Smith added: “They own Clerks, Chasing Amy, Jersey Girl and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. But then it’s further complicated by the Jay & Silent Bob of it all.”

“They don’t own Jay & Silent Bob; I do. They own Strike Back, but they can’t make any flick that’d include Jay & Silent Bob (even a Strike Back sequel) without my permission/license.”

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