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zappa 300With the film industry on precarious ground, distributors are increasingly less likely to take risks. So snatching up a Disney theme park ride and adapting into a big budget block-buster might just be the only safe thing to do.

At least, it worked in 2003 when Disney launched the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise that has grossed the US film industry over $2.7 billion.

As we speak, John Favreau is in develop stages for an adaptation for The Magic Kingdom. (Is that the same as Magic Mountain, or am I too Eurocentric to know the difference?) Meanwhile Guillermo Del Torro has ‘grand designs’ on directing a surreal cinematisation of ‘The Haunted Mansion’. So with producers all over hollywood jumping on the Disney band-wagon, in a bid to rake in the fluttering leaves of the financial hurricane, it should come as little surprise that Disney have announced another ride-to-movie endeavour: The Museum of the Weird.

The title will not ring any bells because it was never made. But despite having never made it to theme park territory, Disney plans to take the abandoned attraction and whack it on the big screen.

The attraction was conceived by Claude Coats and Rolly Crump, the same men behind The Haunted Mansion. The Museum of the Weird was designed to contain a variety of strange and interesting objects like talking chairs and enchanted carts.

Screenwriter Ahmet Zappa has reportedly been asked to write the screenplay. Zappa is allegedly already writing another script for Disney called Tiki.

What’s next? A Sci-Fi thriller based on ‘It’s A Small World’?

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