“I’m The King Of The World!”: DiCaprio Named Top-Grossing Film Star

December 22, 2010 by  
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leo300The man once most famous for not asking Rose to shift over a little bit in Titanic has risen up the ranks to be named highest-grossing actor of 2010.

In the list, annually released by Forbes, Shutter Island and Inception are cited as the keys to Leo’s success. Both films made £650 million, hence DiCaprio’s jealousy-inducing bank account.

Sharing second place were Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowskam, both of whom enjoyed enormous triumphs at the box office. Starring together in the blockbusting Alice In Wonderland certainly helped add to the success of The Tourist and The Kids Are Alright.

The rest of the list is unsurprising except perhaps for Jayden Smith and Jackie Chan who took ninth and tenth place after the global popularity of The Karate Kid reboot.

The list emphasises, once again, the huge financial reliance of Hollywood studios on franchises with the majority of the best paid stars having earnt significant sums of money from sequels and relaunches.

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