Barry Pepper Talks About Terence Malick’s New Film

January 6, 2011 by  
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terrencemalick210Fresh from the set of True Grit, Barry Pepper’s been talking to the good folks at Collider about a surprise role in Terence Malick’s new project. Malick’s notorious for taking his time over his films (the current one in the works is The Tree Of Life which has been in development since Kennedy was President), so it’s surprising that not only is Pepper able to talk about his involvement but that shooting has already been completed.

Pepper apparently took the role on the strength of Malick’s name alone, “I didn’t read a script or anything I just said “absolutely”, which I’ve never done before, although I’m sure I would’ve done the same for the Coens if that was a similar situation.”

Even weirder, Pepper goes on to say that “I honestly couldn’t tell you what the film is about, because I’ve never read the script” but that he was asked to create “a character that intersects with your own heart and your own sensibilities”. Ben Affleck is also in the movie but Pepper couldn’t say what his role was because their characters never meet.

It seems Malick’s sixth movie will continue to be shrouded in mystery for a bit longer. There are some rumours that it will also feature Rachel McAdams, Javier Bardem, Rachel Weisz, and Olga Kurylenko but until we see some footage or get some concrete answers, this is still just speculation.

Watch this space for more updates and in the mean time look out for The Tree Of Life starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn, which was supposed to get a release in May but now might, possibly, maybe get a release in the summer.

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