Oscars Visual Effects Shortlist Released

January 6, 2011 by  
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Inception210The shortlist for the Oscars Visual Effects category has been released and contains some predictable entries as well as some unexpected nominations.

It’s no surprise that Tron: Legacy and Inception both make the list as well as perennial nominee Harry Potter but what is pleasing is there’s some recognition for Scott Pilgrim (which by all rights should also win Best Editing). Iron Man 2 also has me raising an eyebrow as does Alice In Wonderland, neither of which were especially visually astounding. But the most unusual choice is Clint Eastwood’s story of the afterlife, Hereafter which is receiving mixed US reviews.

This list of seven will eventually be trimmed down to five. Surely Inception‘s a shoo-in? My choice would be Scott Pilgrim. What do you think?

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