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Haggis210Paul Haggis, the Oscar-winning director of Crash and more recently The Next Three Days has decided to put his grievances with The Church Of Scientology into writing as he’s due to write a book with New Yorker writer/author Lawrence Wright entitled “The Heretic of Hollywood: Paul Haggis vs. The Church of Scientology”.

Haggis has been a member for 35 years but left in 2009 after expressing misgivings about the current leader David Miscavige and angrily rejecting the group’s support of Proposition 8, the controversial Californian law which saw gay marriage ruled as unlawful.

Haggis first expressed his dissatisfaction with the church in a lengthy letter which was leaked to the press in 2009 and many predicted that this would only be the tip of the iceberg. No doubt Scientologists are prepared for a further backlash but Haggis is not a mere low-level grunt – as a major player in the Hollywood scene and a long-standing member, he’ll have many a story to tell.

Gawker have done a sterling job in tracking down the book’s proposal which reads as follows:

“The roots of Scientology are explored in this book, particularly the life of its eccentric founder, L Ron Hubbard, whose flashes of brilliance and insanity are woven into the fabric of this elaborate belief system. Through Haggis’s eyes, we discover the appeal of Scientology, especially to talented and ambitious members of the entertainment industry. Haggis conducted a personal investigation of the church, in which he was told about the wanton physical abuse on the part of its current leader, David Miscavige, of senior members of the organization. He was told that young volunteers in the Scientology clergy, called the Sea Org, are subjected to conditions approaching slavery or imprisonment, and that many female members have been forced to have abortions.”

There’s no release date for the book yet but it’s likely to be this year. The Church Of Scientology usually react to criticism faster than that fraudulent harridan Gillian McKeith so expect them to attempt to strike down Haggis with great vengeance and furious anger. I’ll get the popcorn.

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  1. Louanne says:

    “The Church Of Scientology usually react to criticism faster than that fraudulent harridan Gillian McKeith so expect them to attempt to strike down Haggis with great vengeance and furious anger.”

    And the first place you’ll directly observe it will be in comment threads for stories like these. Look though other online outlets that are running this story and you’ll start to see a predictable pattern of disparaging comments emerge from the same people. Believe it or not, the Church of Scientology actually assigns people to spam comment sections on any article that could potentially be damaging. The trend this time around is to copy and paste some phrase about Paul making it all up to get money, and calling his clearly established partner a pathetic ghost-writer. Throw in a line or two about promoting religious intolerance and ta-dah! Another day in the life of Scientology’s online damage control squad.

    But if you’ve done your homework you’ll know that Paul Haggis and his associates will be lucky if the worst they see is some trolls in some comments. Authors far less threatening than Paul have been harassed, threatened, stalked, sued, and even framed for violent crimes when deciding to expose the corruption within Scientology. The most notable case is of course Paulette Cooper. For that reason, if he goes through with this book he has my full support and respect. He knows the danger he is getting himself and those close to him into but he’s doing what he knows is right. Being in the public eye will shield him a bit from the more overtly vindictive attacks that critics of Scientology have come to know, but he’s still in for a rather unpleasant experience.

    Keep us posted on the progress of this book, and all the hijinks that will surely accompany the process. I too have grabbed my popcorn.

  2. Bert says:

    You are 100% correct Louanne. And here is a link that includes a conversation with Paulette Cooper

    And the ongoing criminal convictions and many investigations show that Scientology’s standard operation procedure is the same today as it has always been. Anything, no matter how unethical or illegal, is permitted…as long as you don’t get caught.

  3. Chuck Beatty says:

    For years I’ve been active encouraging ex members of Scientology to just tell their histories. Here’s a recently linked “handling program” Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs wrote secretly, “eyes only”, to try to muzzle an ex member who was stirring ex members to reveal the abuses that Scientology’s leader David Miscavige (“COB”) was getting away with. Paul likely won’t have Private Eyes after him, but he’ll get the internet trolls like already on this comment page, attempt to disparage Paul and deflect off Scientology’s leader’s abuses.