Clint Eastwood To Direct A Star Is Born

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clint-eastwood210Is this some of competition to see how many remakes can be announced before the end of January? First we’ve had news of The Wild Bunch, Westworld and Lethal Weapon and then the ridiculous news that Will Smith is planning to cast his daughter in the remake of Annie.

Clint Eastwood is the next person to jump on the remake bandwagon as Deadline reports that he’ll be working on A Star Is Born with BeyoncĂ© in the lead role. For those not aware, it’s the story of an up and coming performer who’s mentored by an older faded star. To be fair, it’s a story that’s been told half a dozen times before – the most famous of which is the Judy Garland musical in 1954 but here was also the Barbara Streisand/Kris Kristofferson version in 1976.

Will Fetters (Remember Me) wrote the script which Eastwood agreed to work on. As to who will play the older mentor character, well, that’s not been sorted yet but the likes Jon Hamm (yay!) and Will Smith (boo!) have been linked to the role.

Eastwood’s J Edgar Hoover biopic starts filming next month and he’ll be filming Star straight after. Has Eastwood finally lost his mind? Or will this be a stroke of unexpected genius?

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  1. anon Ymus says:

    —‘Star Is Born’ is evenn staler than Hollywood’s done-to-death WW2 franchise
    —and always given to stars on the way out (Gaynor, Garland, Striesand).
    Beyonce, even acting ability aside, should steer clear.

    As for ‘daring maverick veteran director’ Eastwood, he’s now been caught
    serving up a string of demoralizing, Globalist-think, RED China ‘eugenics
    friendly’ pictures (Million Dollar Baby, IWO trilogy etc. etc.) —and,
    even more disturbing, he completely baulked even his own period link to
    the awesomely, profoundly important and relevant 60th Anniversary of the
    KOREAN WAR last year!

    ——–GET WITH THE DE-PROGRAM! —-and STEER CLEAR one and all!