WikiLeaks: The Movie?

January 21, 2011 by  
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Julian-Assange300A biopic about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is on the cards according to Variety. Josephson Entertainment and Michelle Krum productions have optioned Andrew Fowler’s book The Most Dangerous Man In The World.

It’s an in-depth look at Assange from his childhood to the present day WikiLeaks scandal where he released sensitive US diplomatic documents, information on toxic waste dumping and Scientology manuals. Who would you be more afraid of? The US government or The Church Of Scientology?

Assange, who looks like he could play a young Saruman or at the very least a Bond supervillian, is still under house arrest here in the UK with the Swedish government trying to extradite him on charges of rape and the US government also wanting a word. Popular this chap isn’t he?

The producers are certainly convince it’ll be a hit with Michelle Krum stating, “As soon as I met Andrew and read a few chapters of his profound book, I knew that with his incredibly extensive depth of would enable us to bring a thought-provoking thriller to the screen,” and Josephson gushing, “Like All The President’s Men in its day, The Most Dangerous Man in the World is this generation’s suspenseful drama with global impact.”

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