Melissa Leo Apologises For ‘F-Word’ Acceptance Speech

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Melissa-Leo--LP_jpg_e_b531446b815d841fa57ff7ac29559923Memorable Oscar acceptance speeches are usually courtesy of the blub brigade, but Melissa Leo will go down in Oscar gaffe history for a different reason: her use of the ‘f’ word to be precise…

Although in good old Blighty the dreaded ‘c’ word gets uttered on TV these days without so much as a bat of an eyelash, the Americans are pretty particular about profanity, and so the actress has been undergoing some ‘damage limitation’.

Leo, who picked up Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Fighter has admitted that her effing and blinding “wasn’t appropriate” when she accepted her award and remarked that two years ago, Kate Winslet made it look “so f**king easy”.

Realising her slip-up, Leo clapped a hand to her mouth, and host Anne Hathaway joked: ‘Wow, I thought the ‘F’ stood for ‘The Fighter.’ It’s the young and hip Oscars!”

Gathering her thoughts afterwards, Leo told E! Online: “I didn’t mean to offend! There are a lot of words in the English vernacular… But it wasn’t appropriate.”

Glad she got that sorted out; now we can all just move on with our *$$%%*ing lives…

Granny Pants Are Go! Bridget Jones 3 Gets The Go Ahead

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bridget-jonesLadies and gentlemen, prepare for the comeback of Bridget Jones’s granny pants (possibly) because the third instalment of everyone’s favourite neurotic diary writer is coming our way.

Renee Zellweger was said to have had reservations about signing up to a third film as she was reluctant to gain weight as with the previous offerings, but has reportedly been told that she won’t have to pile on the pounds this time.

According to The Sun, the film will acknowledge the new slim-line Bridget, by featuring her in the opening scenes smugly stepping on the scales after reaching her ideal weight.

Both man-of-the-moment Colin Firth and Hugh Grant – aka Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver – are also set to reprise their roles, with a source saying: “”Colin is really keen on a third film. He thinks it will be a great flick to get his teeth into after all the success with The King’s Speech, as it’s so different. He’s getting very excited about the idea of marriage and kids in the script now all the characters are older.”

Firth told the BBC earlier this month: “I think the idea of Mark and Daniel and Bridget in advanced stages of deterioration could be quite fun. We’re making a comedy after all.”

With plot ideas still being mooted around, the scriptwriters are said to be planning a big twist between the three main characters, which could see Bridget pregnant but unsure of the father.

Sounds like an OAP style rematch of Mark vs. Daniel could be a reality…

Oscar Host James Franco Dubbed A ‘Smug Cheshire Cat’

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franco_hathawayWith the Oscar winners crowned, it’s time to turn our (judgemental) attention to the ‘performance’ of the hosts of the evening, who have inevitably come under a fair bit of scrutiny. It seems the critics have turned against golden boy James Franco, with ‘industry bible’ The Hollywood Reporter dubbing him “uninterested” and “distant” during the proceedings.

Tim Goodman described the hosting of Franco and Anne Hathaway as “spectacularly unwatchable”, writing:

“Despite an overall rewarding of brilliant performances and no truly shocking didn’t-see-that-coming upsets, the 83rd Annual Academy Awards will likely be remembered as the night James Franco couldn’t act like a host.”

Goodman went on to say that “Anne Hathaway at least tried to sing and dance and preen along to the goings on, but Franco seemed… content to keep his Cheshire-cat-meets-smug smile on display throughout.”

Meanwhile, the Washington Post praised Hathaway for working “her derriere off” but bizarrely described Franco as “that lacrosse boy you wish your daughter didn’t hang out with so much.”

Who knew lacrosse could be so bad-ass?

King’s Speech Rules Oscars – But What Happened To The Social Network?

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pairkings300Last night’s 83rd Academy Awards had been billed as one of the most predictable ceremonies in recent memory, but there were still one or two small surprises for viewers. As anyone could have guessed, The King’s Speech was the night’s biggest winner and Colin Firth easily scooped the best actor award. If his fine performance as George VI was not enough, his victory was made all the likely by the fact that he was unlucky to miss out to Jeff Bridges last year.

The British film also picked up gongs for best picture and best original screenplay, but Tom Hooper also managed to snatch the best director prize in one of the most closely-fought competition’s of the evening. The Social Network‘s David Fincher had been a popular choice for the award in some corners after scoring a BAFTA and a Golden Globe award in recent weeks. But the man who brought us Se7en and Fight Club, continues to wait for Academy recognition.

The highly fancied Facebook movie could only claim the Best Adapted Screenplay (Aaron Sorkin), Best Score and Best Editing Awards, despite the buzz surrounding it growing in recent weeks. Otherwise, the gongs were evenly distributed. Inception monopolised the technical categories. Natalie Portman eased to victory in the Best Actress category for her performance in Black Swan and Christian Bale won through in the Best Supporting Actor role for his emaciated turn in The Fighter.

Scroll down for the full list of winners..
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Waste Land Review: Land Refill Please

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waste300WASTE LAND (PG): On General Release Friday 25th February

Saddled with an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary, Waste Land has carried the burden of heightened expectations well by living up to its credentials, its inclusion in this year’s Oscars proving a fitting reflection of the film’s achievements.

Over a period of three years, artist, illusionist and innovator, Vik Muniz, collaborated with director Lucy Walker on a project about Jardim Gramacho, a Rio de Janeiro landfill site which has evolved to become one of the largest in the world, consuming over 70% of all of the city’s waste. Like seagulls stalking a trawler, local inhabitants from the surrounding areas converge on the enormous mountains of rubbish every day and proceed to sift through it for recyclable items, managing to collect just enough materials to make a living. Read more

I Am Number Four Interview: Teresa Palmer

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tp300Teen sci-fi action adventure I Am Number Four is released this week and Jez Sands had a word with one of the stars of the movie Teresa Palmer who plays Number Six, a leather-clad, no nonsense badass, with a big bike and and even bigger gun.

She talks about the perils of stunt work, speaking with her native Aussie accent, getting a tattoo, becoming obsessed with Ducati motorcycles and deflowering Harry Potter.

Hi Teresa, how’re you doing?

I’m quite jetlagged. I’ve just come from Los Angeles.

The UK screening was the other night, did you go to that?

I did not…


[Laughs] I attended the red carpet interviews and then we got introduced in front of the cinema but I’ve already seen the film, so I didn’t want to see it again. I’m going to wait to see it at the Los Angeles premier
Can you tell me about the film in your own words?

Yeah. The film follows the story of this disenfranchised guy, Number Four and he comes from the planet Lorien and there were nine escapees from the planet Lorien and I play Number Six and I come from that planet.

How much training did you do for the movie? Were you already in shape?

I would say out of ten, I was [giggles] about six out of ten and then after the film I was definitely getting up there. I had a six pack by the end of the movie. It was very intense; I had to make a total transformation to become who I was – Number Six. She’s such a warrior.
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No Strings Attached Review: No Brainer

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NSA300NO STRINGS ATTACHED (15): On General Release Friday 25th February

There might not be any strings attached in the initial stages of this bloodless Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman love affair, but the combined failings of both casting director and screenplay ensure there is plenty of rope for everyone involved to hang themselves with.

Bachelors hell-bent on a life of promiscuity and couples embarking on open sex relationships are certainly proving the aphrodisiac of choice for the financially competent Hollywood producer this year; Love & Other Drugs, Easy A & Friends With Benefits being No Strings Attached’s most recent box office contemporaries and predecessors.

Seemingly unfazed by an increasingly repetitive career playing dim-witted and handsome romantic-comedy leads, Ashton Kutcher coughs, splutters and narrowly cheats career death in the role of Adam, a lower league television production assistant, albeit one with a trust-fund, a gift from his industry bigwig father (Kevin Kline’s cringing turn as a wealthy, stoned and emotionally absent patriarch with an unfortunate penchant for women less than half his own age). Read more

OTB Movie Podcast 16: Animal Podcast

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Jez Sands and Jamie Steiner plow through this week’s new releases, news and trailers. We find that Howl is more of a whimper, decide to thumb a lift instead of getting in Nic Cage’s car in Drive Angry 3D, decide that casual sex is ultimately unsatisfying in No Strings Attached, defend ourselves from an alien invasion in I Am Number Four, pick through the rubbish heaps and find the gem that is Waste Land and are wholly and thoroughly gripped by Animal Kingdom‘s magnetism.

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Animal Kingdom Review: Welcome To The Jungle

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smurf1300ANIMAL KINGDOM (15): On General Release Friday 25th February

Animal Kingdom isn’t the David Attenborough documentary that the title might imply but a tense and well-plotted Australian gangster drama, which has more tension than the thumb screw collection of the Amsterdam Torture Museum.

Following the death of his mother from a heroin overdose, 17-year old J (James Frecheville) is taken under the wing of his grandmother Smurf (Jackie Weaver) and his uncles, Craig (Sullivan Stapleton), Darren (Luke Ford) and Andrew (Ben Mendelsohn), better known by his more sinister nickname Pope.

J quickly realises that his extended family are hardened criminals hunted by the police Armed Robbery Squad, a unit they fear because of their policy of shooting first and asking questions later. Pope is of particular interest to them and consequently he’s in hiding while the family are constantly being rattled by the persistent surveillance of police detective Leckie (Guy Pearce).

But with J’s new girlfriend constant hanging round the house, Pope’s return, the killing of one of their close associates and the gang’s retaliatory attacks on two police officers, tensions rapidly start to escalate and J has to make a choice about where his loyalties lie. Read more

The Rite Review: Almost A Rite Off

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THE RITE (15):
On General Release Friday 25th February

“We keep dead people in our house dad; how much worse can it get?”

From the moment said offending line is uttered in The Rite, it’s pretty obvious that things are not going to be… well, ‘alrite’ (and I mean that in both senses of the word).

Michael Kovak (Colin O’Donoghue) is the son of an undertaker (Rutger Hauer), and as family tradition dictates he is destined to spend life as either a mortician or a priest. Having tasted the life of painting the fingernails of dead corpses and apparently not liking it (the lesser known B-side to Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl), Michael chooses priesthood, but four years later as he is about to graduate, decides to withdraw due to a lack of faith. Yes; Michael is a sceptic, and presumably the thought process behind this character trait was: “Well people aren’t going to swallow the concept of exorcism as easily as they used to. I know; let’s have a sceptic non-believing central character to reflect the thoughts of the audience (“erm she’s not possessed; her dad’s raped her and she needs psychiatric care”), so that when he eventually does believe, it will be even scarier”. Probably.
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