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Anuvahood300ANUVAHOOD (15): On General Release Friday 18th March

You may have heard good things about Anuvahood, but they’re lies. All lies.

This is the story of Kenneth, aka ‘K’, a preening, self-satisfied little prick who spends the majority of his life disappointing everyone he comes into contact with. In fact, within 5 minutes of the start, someone has punched him in the face and it all seems entirely understandable.

Now Kenneth quits his job at ‘Laimsbury’s’ – no, seriously – and his mother is really cross with him because he can’t help with the rent. He fancies himself as an MC, but can’t make it because he has no talent whatsoever – a real feat considering some of the utter shite on the film’s soundtrack.

K, who is an unusually stupid young man, proceeds to spend most of his time with his mates, just hanging around. This particular group of friends is an amalgamation of just about every stereotype relating to urban youths that you can think of. Oh, and Chinese people. And, after K meets an exchange student called Enrique, Spanish people. Tremendously clever stuff.

There’s also a bully called Tyrone, and older chap who frequently robs K and his ‘crew’. Tyrone is supposed to be amusing because he’s an over the top character with a speech impediment. That’s because laughing at disability is funny, you see.

To cut a long story short, K tries to be a drug dealer, gets robbed by Tyrone and so breaks into the bully’s house in order to liberate his belongings. Tyrone finds out, and comes to fight him in a big scene supposed to be a reference to the finale of Ice Cube’s Friday. But nowhere near as good. At the end, K has learned his lesson and returns to his job at Laimsbury’s to make his parents proud, leaving you wondering why he couldn’t just have quit his job, taken a beating and gone back to work – getting the whole thing over and done with in 15 minutes.

This film is meant to be a spoof of all those gritty urban films like Kidulthood and Adulthood, showing another side to urban life. But the hallmark of any good spoof is clever humour, not simply taking what someone else has done and removing any subtlety. The jokes are so forced and blatant that what little humour they could have carried is completely lost and the references to other films are just reminders of what you could be watching. Plus the brutal fight scene at the end does anything but lighten the view of what life in the inner city is like and seems totally out of sync with the rest of the film.

One major flaw is that K is an instantly dislikeable lead character, which means the whole purpose of the film – following him on his journey to enlightenment – is lost because it’s hard to care less when he gets robbed, beaten and generally put down. Most of it is a direct result of his own stupidity, anyway.

Also, 75% of the dialogue is the same old posturing and bickering over and over again, with K telling everyone how great he is and getting argued down. Even if it was funny the first time, by the fourth or fifth rehashing of the same material, all but the most ardent fan of urban movies will the gnawing at the arm of the seat, hoping that the suffering will end soon.

Anuvahood is a real trial to watch, and has the distinction of being a comedy where almost all the attempts at humour fall flat. If someone recommends Anuvahood to you, they almost certainly don’t have your best interests at heart, and want nothing more than to see you sad. So there you go, Anuvahood – it shows you who your friends really are.

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  1. Rob Pattern says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing the film with my 18 and 24 yr old boys and they and I loved it! How refreshing to see a film full of comedy for a change about life on the estates. The film gave one laugh after the other. Perhaps you are just too old to appreciate this film which is meant for a young audience. Don’t ruin this fresh young talent’s chances with your bad vibes!!

  2. Jemma P says:

    Wow..You obviously take yourself way too seriously!! You realise the whole thing is a joke?? It’s meant to be over the top and exaggerate all stereotypes!!
    It’s funny coz he does that, its funny because its over the top and he makes a joke out of all the characters, not just the one with a speech impediment!!
    Really this review just makes you look ridiculous coz you couldn’t lighten up and you’re tryna be funny with ur digs at the film when it just shows you up as having no sense of humour!! I watched it last night and was giggling away, especially as I can relate a lot of it to silly characters reminding me of where I grew up.
    Not every film needs to be about history, sci-fi or cost loads of money, some are just for the fun and the fruitella jokes, even if critics with sticks shoved where-the-sun-dont-shine try and squash them!!

  3. Moss says:

    100% Agree with Rob Pattern. I’m 18 and saw the film with a group of friends of the same age, we all loved it. Seems like you just weren’t the target audience for this film, “a real feat considering some of the utter shite on the film’s soundtrack”

  4. Scott Cresswell says:

    Saw this film last night and it is utter rubbish. What ACTUALLY happens in the film? The biggest events are a punch up at the end and someone wetting themselves. 2/10

  5. sophie says:

    Went to see the film last week with my boyfriend and another couiple, and found it hillarious! It hit the mark, which was ripping the piss out of estate life! Fair enough I couldnt understand half of the dialouge but I think that was the point! It wasnt as funny as I thought it would be, and fell foul of the funniest bits being in the trailer, but it was still enjoyable!! Xx

  6. Andrew says:

    AWFUL film. I’m 18 and loved Kidulthood/Adulthood/Shank, so thought this was gonna be mint- it wasn’t.
    I’ve read a few reviews, and ALL of them are bad, yet there seems to be people commenting against the reviewers and in favour of the films. Ignore these people, some of them haven’t even seen it.
    It was bearable to watch, but I was almost WANTING it to be good, and it just wasn’t.
    They just walked around the streets for ages… and not funny at all.

  7. Reanne says:

    Personally, I thought the film was really good. It’s for an audience with a wide sense of humor, and obviously isn’t preferable to certain people – e.g. the writer of this review. Anuvahood is almost a parody films, it exists to be silly, over exaggerated, stereotypical, amusing and witty at times. It’s not about having an in depth story line or large production. After watching the film, I found myself thinking ‘That actually didn’t have much of a storyline’, but you’re so engrossed when watching it that you forget about that. It’s not a bad film at all, in my opinion. A good watch for comedy/spoof fans.

  8. Ichi says:

    “Not every film needs to be about history, sci-fi or cost loads of money, some are just for the fun and the fruitella jokes, even if critics with sticks shoved where-the-sun-dont-shine try and squash them!!”

    No but a film does need to be good. This isn’t. I grew up on an estate and while some of the references and playing on stereotypes are mildly funny, the main bulk of the film is a total mess. I mean what is the actual point of it? Guy is a dick, acts like a dick throughout, has a fight with an even bigger dick and then falls in love at the end. Sorry but what am I supposed to have learned about ‘K’? That he’s a dick, always has been a dick and always will be a dick?

    I spent most of the time trying to work out who I was supposed to be rooting for. If a film can’t clearly mark out who it’s protagonist is then it’s failed before it’s even started

    It had some charm to it but was a total mess. I’ll be generous and give it 3/10. And believe me THAT IS GENEROUS. Watch Kidulthood instead and learn far more about urban life.

  9. Kally Singh Sroa says:

    Haaha Naah Famm I Watched The Film And I Found It Hillarious! 10/10 For Me. I Nearly Died Of Laughter.

  10. Jlondon24 says:

    10/10 all day/ all night!! Perfect example of British talent, I’m guessing you haven’t seen the Fridays, how high or dont be a menace? If you had of, then this film would of made perfect sense as it still follows certain formulas and thoroughly keeps it British. Out of every 10 people who would be the target audience for this, 9 would step forward. Stick to films your age as this film isn’t something you would properly understand, instead of trying to look pro and coming off a prick. Hats off to Deacon still!!

  11. kelly says:

    gave me a headache , 15 mins on i had to turn it off and im 19

  12. KJohnson says:

    This is one of the funniest films I’ve ever seen.
    You need to seriously lighten up and enjoy it for what it is, daft comedy.