Mel Gibson Gets Cannes Standing Ovation

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Mel-Gibson210Mel Gibson has lived a life that would make quite a Hollywood movie of its own. From his years as a hotshot Aussie talent, his rise to international superstar actor, and then on to acclaimed, if controversy-baiting, director, but his troubled recent years – acrimonious divorces, custody battles, alcohol problems, anti-Semitism controversy, taped phone conversations et al – have threatened to over shadow all of it. Gibson’s career and public profile has received a much needed shot in the arm at Cannes film festival though where his new movie The Beaver received a ten-minute standing ovation.

The film, directed by and co-starring long-standing friend Jodie Foster, has not fared well in the United States, where Gibson’s popularity has continued to bomb since the ‘Sugartits’-debacle first derailed his career, and has seen its planned wide release reduced to a more limited ‘art house’ run.

Foster has spoken of her desire to imbue the film – which tells the story of a troubled husband and toy manufacturer executive who chooses to communicate through only a hand puppet beaver – with a European sensibility, which would perhaps go some way to explaining its film fest-success but multiplex mess back home. Whether it is the first step on the road back to favour for Gibbo remains to be seen, but you’ll be able to judge for yourself when The Beaver is released next month.

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  1. Lenny says:

    Mel’s career has not bombed since his DUI in 2006 and he stated on Jimmy Kimmel that he never uttered the words “Sugar T***”. Secondly, his directorial movie “Apocalypto” which opened six months after his DUI was number one at the box office beating Dicaprio’s “Blood Diamond”. Apocalypto went on to make over $126M world wide.

    You so called writers/journalists never allow the “truth” to get in the way of a good story. I believe it’s called not doing your homework or possibly lying!!