Tom Cruise Heading For Oblivion (The Film..)

May 23, 2011 by  
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cruise-oblivion300Tom Cruise has signed on to play the lead in Oblivion, a science fiction flick from director Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy) scripted by William Monaghan (The Departed) and rewritten by Karl Gajdusek (TV’s Dead Like Me)

The film is set in an apocalyptic future (is there any other kind of future?) where mankind has taken to the sky, Care Bear–style, to live as the earth’s surface has become an inhospitable, uninhabitable mess. Cruise is set to play a soldier who is tasked with living on the surface alone to repair and maintain the robotic drones sent out to patrol the barren wastelands and destroy a mysterious alien life form.

Kosinksi had planned to make his film with Disney, the studio behind his Tron sequel, but it jumped ship, deciding that the project was not the right fit for them. The filmmaker then took it to Universal, who are now backing the project to the tune of $100 million, with shooting planned to begin this October.