Actors We’d Rather See Play Jack Reacher

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cruise300Jack Reacher, the protagonist of no less than 15 Lee Child novels is described as being a hulking 6’ 5” tall, weighing 250lbs with ice-blue eyes and dirty blond hair.

He doles out Dirty Harry-esque justice to everyone in his path and has an unparalleled capacity for violence. But apparently casting directors “don’t know Jack” as Tom Cruise is in talks to take on the role. Given that we’ve got doubts of Cruise’s ability to wreck a children’s birthday party, here are 10 others we’d rather see play Reacher than Cruise.

1. Ray Stevenson

To me Reacher sounds like The Punisher, Marvel’s take-no-prisoners unstoppable force, so who better to play him than a man who’s already familiar with that setup? All the adaptations of The Punisher have been pretty awful but how about we give Ray another go. He’s 6′ 4″, he looks as mean as they come and he’s had plenty of experience cracking skulls. Perfect.


2. Alexander Skarsgard

Skarsgaard is 6’ 4, he’s got dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, but he’s a little bit willowy for Reacher. Stick him in the gym for 3 years and might be about right. He’s also proven himself to be a cold, calculating badass in shows like True Blood and Generation Kill.


3. Michael Fassbender

Fassbender’s rangy rather than huge, but there’s a feral savagery lurking behind that calm façade. He’s easily the best thing about X-Men: First Class and has proved he looks good as a scruffbag in Centurion. The only thing is, he’s a busy man. With six films out in 2011 and three already for 2012, he’d be a hard one to pin down.


4. Tom Hardy

He’s rapidly rising up the ranks with films like Inception, Hardy has proved he can look physically intimidating as he played Charles Bronson in Nicholas Winding Refn’s biopic. He’s also bulking up significantly for his role as Bane in the forthcoming Dark Knight Rises and will soon be seen as an MMA fighter in Warrior.

tom hardy588

5. Sean Bean

He’s rough, he’s tough, he got stabbed in a bar this weekend and refused to go to hospital. That sounds like Reacher material to us. However, if Bean did play Reacher, he wouldn’t be allowed to wear armour and that might violate some hidden contractual agreements we’re sure he’s got with his agent.


6. Viggo Mortensen

He’s pretty good at playing rugged hobos and has had plenty of practice in The Road and Lord Of The Rings. He’s also demonstrated a surprising capacity for violence in GI Jane, Eastern Promises and er, A History Of Violence.


7. Chris Hemsworth

Blonde, blue-eyed, the size of a house after Thor. Also has a natty line in facial hair and scowling.


8. Daniel Craig

Icy blue eyes check. Blond hair check. Cracks skulls with the best of them. Check. Not a bad fit all told, but it’s unlikely that Craig could commit to playing another action hero so long as he’s tied up with the Bond franchise.


9. Chloe Moretz

Well, she certainly kicks more ass than Tom Cruise, that’s for damn sure. Who would you rather face. A maddened gun-toting Moretz or Tom “Scrappy-Do” Cruise?


10. A Peperami

More vicious than Cruise and slightly less insane. “Oi, come back and finish me off ya wimp!” etc.


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  1. Kim says:

    Viggo Mortensen or Chris Hemsworth are great for the title role of Jack Reacher. There is no way that Tom Cruise should play this part. Women want someone to drool over and men want someone to admire. Tom just does not fit that bill at all.

  2. Dave says:

    I would go with Ray Stevenson or Skarsgard, maybe Fassbender. The rest just don’t feel right.

  3. Adrianne says:

    Oh please god no!! Have these producers even READ the books! Cruise would definately be a deal breaker. Any of these would be better (including the girl and pepperoni) but I guess that’s the point! I’d love to see Sean Bean in that, but I’ve never heard him pull off an american accent (yet). Somehow, Reacher really does have to be american.

  4. floyd57 says:

    The only person that has the physique and appearnace to fit this role is Howie Long. Ya, he may be a bit older but, who else is 6′ 5″, 230lbs with huge hands, large chest and such an intimidating stare. Howie even has the miltary shaped head. Go unshaven for a week and who’d wanna mess with him!

  5. JackR says:

    Even Danny de Vito would have been better. I hate it when Hollywood thinks it can mes with an iconic figure and “make it work” that will always end in a f&$#kup situation! Dolph Lundgren would have been perfect for this as well and he can fight, his natural demeanor is to look menacing without saying anything. I saw the film without knowing much about the book so afterwards I got interested and starting reading up and the more I find out about his real character the more I am disappointed in TC’s choice and perfomance. If the original character had been written as a small insignificantly looking guy not to misjudge as he can and will wipe the floor with you then yes TC would be perfect but that is not what it says in the books. I would also have liked to see Ray Stevenson in that role. he was freakin awesome in the last season of Dexter

  6. paul says:

    Any one but Tom Cruise, Reacher is defined by his build.
    Try Huge Jackman or Dolph Lundgram but Ray Stevenson looks a goof choice.

  7. Paul says:

    Dolph Lundgren-never thought of him but he’d be a good choice.

    Whenever I read the Jack Reacher series I always envision Reacher looking like actor Brian Van Holt (look it up in IMDB people)

  8. Val says:

    I would like to see Liam Neeson play Jack Reached.