Ridley Scott To Direct The Counsellor

February 1, 2012 by  
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Get back behind that camera Ridley

Ridley Scott’s filming schedule may be pretty jam-packed at the moment but he has just added the script for new legal thriller, The Counsellor, to his pile.

The Gladiator director is soon to wrap up filming on Prometheus (coming 1st June) and has been associated with plans for a Gertrude Bell biopic and Child 44, based on a novel by Tom Rob Smith.

Penned by No Country For Old Men writer, Cormac McCarthy, The Counsellor tells the story of a respected lawyer who foolishly thinks he can dabble in the drug business without being sucked into the criminal vortex. He’s soon in a desperate situation and relying on his wits and legal smarts to survive. Perhaps not the freshest of ideas but, with such huge film names involved, it is sure to develop into something sufficiently impressive.

Evidently Ridley is happy to drop everything for a chance to shoot this guy’s work and has already tried to develop another of his books, Blood Meridian, some years ago.

No big names have yet been suggested for lead roles in the film and no studio has been attached, but it will surely only be a matter of time…

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