Henry Cavill Heading For The Great Wall Via Ed Zwick

February 10, 2012 by  
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Immortals-star, Henry Cavill, is rumoured to be taking a leading role in Ed Zwick’s mysterious new film, The Great Wall.

The original idea for the film was hatched by Legendary Pictures founder Thomas Tull and World War Z novelist Max Brooks, with Tull handing it over to the China-based Legendary East for production.

Plot details and character identities have not yet been revealed but we’re guessing it all has something to do with a that huge wall in China. You know, the “Great” one.

Having been changed, demolished and rebuilt several times since it was first built to protect the Chinese Empire in the 5th century BC, there’s plenty of history surrounding the structure for the movie team to play with.

Zwick’s last cinematic outing, Love And Other Drugs, is not likely to have provided much preparation for this Chinese action-adventure but with Legendary East on board and Cavill on side, things are looking more promising.

Cavill will next be seen in action thriller The Cold Light Of Day, which gets here on April 6.

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  1. Chris Jay says:

    Are you seriously kidding me? How are they going to shoehorn him into the court of the Qin Dynasty? And no doubt they’re going to get a hot Asian actress to play the Unmotivated Exotic Love Interest in order to satiate the appetites of the movie’s white male fanbase.

    What a disgrace. Hey white people, you weren’t the heroes of every single historical event in the history of the universe, okay?