News Team Assemble! Anchorman 2 Teaser Trailer Arrives..

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Our fingers are but a blur as we excitedly fumble our way towards getting this little news story up online, but we are delighted to announce that the first teaser trailer for Anchorman 2 is out there on the web. Obviously there’s not much in the way of content (seeing as this ridiculously anticipated sequel won’t start filming later this year) but here’s a glorious look at the world’s favourite news team. Now go find the nearest human being and start quoting Ron Burgundy at them..

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But will Anchorman Sequel Be Any Good?

Skyfall Teaser Trailer Review

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So far we’ve had to make do with a couple of images of Daniel Craig sitting by a swimming pool, but this morning we finally got our hands on the teaser trailer for Bond 23, or to give it its official and traditionally cryptic title, Skyfall.

In it we see Craig’s uber-moody Bourneist secret agent enjoying a spot of word association before going all Gordon Ramsey on us.. (“Traditional fish and chips. Done. Sweary formulaic American-baiting kitchen series. Done. Skyfall. Done..” etc)

We don’t know too much about the plot of Sam Mendes’ spy thriller at this stage, other than the fact that Craig will have some competition in the ‘Smouldering Hunk’ stakes, with Javier Bardem playing villain Rauol Silva (was that him sans wig, walking away from a burning building? We think it might have been.) But a quick glance at Wikipedia tells us that.. “James Bond’s loyalty to M is challenged over secrets from her past. When MI6 is attacked, it falls to Bond to seek out and eliminate the threat regardless of the cost to himself.”

You’ll also notice Lord Voldemort mincing around outside the interview room half way through this teaser, but soon afterwards, the banging music and vague action clippery kicks in. We’re definitely getting an Oriental taste, yet we can’t help but notice some clips of the Scottish highlands thrown in for good measure as well? Maybe Q and 007 are off to Balmoral?

This one arrives in cinemas in November

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The Dictator Review: Not Great…

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On General Release Wednesday 16th May

Admiral General Aladeen (Cohen) is the ruler of the North African Republic of Wadiya and far from desirable to those he rules over. With everything at his disposal , Aladeen rules with disregard for international relations as well as being anti-western, anti-feminist and outrageously self-absorbed. So much so, that the man has created his very own Wadiyan Games, in which he has won a stack load of gold medals, as well as being a big movie star in the country, despite his acting skills lacking hugely to say the least. A man who pays for sex with famous female celebrities and has a knack for ordering executions within his staff, Aladeen is eons from being a highly thought of leader.

When testing for nuclear weapons hits a successful stage, Aladeen is summoned by the United Nations to visit America to discuss the goings-on in Wadiya or face military action. Travelling to the States with his female bodyguards and his scheming uncle, Tamir (Ben Kingsley), Aladeen soon finds himself captured and his beard shed, with a body double replacing him. It appears that his uncle has betrayed him and aims to use the double in order to declare Wadiya a democracy, to enable him the ability to sell oil to other countries for a tidy profit.

Determined to foil his evil uncle’s plot, Aladeen befriends honest activist Zoey (Anna Faris) and works closely with his former nuclear scientist Nadal (Jason Mantzoukas) in order to infiltrate the hotel in which the double is being prepared, and stop the impending confirmation of Wadiya as a democracy before all is lost. Read more

2 Days In New York Review: Encore Une Fois

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2 Days In New York (15):
On General Release Friday 18th May

Julie Delpy seems like a director who is determined to make the same film over and over again.  2 Days In New York is the follow up to 2007’s 2 Days In Paris, but both films owe much to the Delpy/Hawke films Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.

Five years on from 2 Days In New York and Marion (Delpy) is living in New York with her new boyfriend Mingus (Chris Rock) and they both have children from previous relationships.  As happy as they are, their relationship is tested to the limited by a two-day visit from Marion’s eccentric father (real life père Albert Delpy), her nymphomaniac sister Rose (Alexis Landeau) and Rose’s uninvited stoner boyfriend Manu (Alexandre Nahon) who also happens to be one of Marion’s exes.

It’s familiar territory for anyone that’s seen the first film or the Delpy/Hawke diptych but the observations on modern relationships are not as cutting and there’s an overreliance on rather simplistic and broad stereotyping – the French are loud and obnoxious with a peculiar penchant for shedding clothes at the drop of a hat. Read more

Larry David Signs Up For New Comedy

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While the small screen has usually been the preserve of Seinfeld/Curb Your Enthusiasm comedy guru Larry David, he does occasionally make forays onto the silver screen (his last was Whatever Works for Woody Allen in 2009).  Now he’s agreed to star in an as-yet-untitled comedy for Fox Searchlight.

It’ll be directed by Greg Mottola, who was last seen behind the camera’s for Pegg and Frost’s Paul.  Beyond that, very little is known, although the Hollywood Reporter has it that Alec Berg, Jeff Schaffer and David Mandel  - all Seinfeld and Curb veterans – are writing the script which will serve as a loose framework for improvised scenes.

Mottola meanwhile has a few other projects bubbling away. He recently directed the pilot for Aaron Sorkin’s HBO drama The Newsroom (Sorkin having just agreed to take on the Steve Jobs biopic) and he’s just signed up to write the adaptation of Jeffrey Eugenides’ novel The Marriage Plot, which he may direct for Scott Rudin and Sony if all goes according to plan.

David will be seen in a small role in The Three Stooges which is due for release in August – a really curious choice given that it’s already been given a critical bashing in the States.

HBC And Kathy Bates For The Young And Prodigious Spivet

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Amelie/Micmacs director Jean-Pierre Jeunet is getting ready to shoot his next film, his first English language film since…uh Alien: Resurrection, the scars of which have still yet to heal. The film which has the catchy title of The Young And Prodigious Spivet has just snapped up Helena Bonham Carter and Kathy Bates.

Jeunet has adapted the script from Rief Larson’s novel The Selected Works Of TS Spivet, working with regular collaborator Guillaume Laurent.

It follows the story of a 12-year-old boy (the titular Spivet played by newcomer Kyle Catlett) with extraordinary skills who leaves his family in Montana and takes off on a cross-country adventure to the Smithsonian Museum to receive a prize.

Jenuet has said that it’ll be more realistic that his other movies but we’re sure some of his odd visual flourishes will creep in, especially considering he’ll be shooting in 3D for the first time.

Bonham Carter meanwhile can be seen as oddball psychiatrist Dr Julia Hoffman in Dark Shadows.

Joel Edgerton Plans A Felony

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Joel Edgerton seems like he’s trying to cement his image as the face of Australian crime as he’s working on a new script called Felony.

He also plans to star in the movie which follows a decorated police officer accidentally hitting a cyclist. But the plot thickens as it turns out he’d been drinking after celebrating a successful drug bust with his colleagues and compounds the situation by deciding to lie about the incident.

Matthew Saville, who’s had some success with Australian TV dramas and films, will be the man behind the camera and it’s currently on sale at Cannes. If all goes according to plan, shooting will begin in October.

Edgerton’s been a busy man of late. After breaking out with Animal Kingdom and Warrior, he was last seen in The Thing and he’ll next crop up in Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty. After that, he’ll move on to The Odd Life Of Timothy Green and then Baz Luhrmann’s eagerly awaited version of The Great Gatsby (in 3D).

More on Edgerton?  We spoke to him (and Tom Hardy) when he was doing the rounds for Warrior.

James Badge Dale Joins Iron Man 3

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Iron Man 3‘s cast continues to grow with the addition of James Badge Dale. He’ll be playing a character called Eric Savin who in the comics was an Army Colonel who stepped on a landmine and was only saved via some last minute cybernetic surgery, to turn him in to the cyborg Coldblood-7.

Although cyborg stories were quite popular in the 80s when the character was introduced (think Terminator and Robocop), it’s more likely that Shane Black and co-writer Drew Pearce will probably take the more high-tech road and have him be the person who interfaces with the nanobots we’ve been hearing about.

He joins a swelling cast that includes Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Ben Kingsley, Andy Lau and Rebecca Hall.

Filming is scheduled to start very soon with a projected release date of May 3 2013.

Badge Dale was last seen in Shame and The Grey and has finished work on Flight, The Lone Ranger and World War Z, so expect to see quite a lot of him in the next 12 months.

New Prometheus Viral – Quiet Eye

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Prometheus is coming soon and there have been enough clips out there to paste together to almost make a full movie.  So, what’s one more for the scrap book?

In this one Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) makes her case to lead a mission that will answer our greatest questions and trigger our ultimate fears.

No Press Screenings For The Dictator? Why?!

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The Dictator, Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest satirical comedy joins a long list of movies that didn’t get a press screening.  But why do some films not get previews in the first place?

You’d think that any publicity would be good publicity right?  Well certain film distributors don’t think so. The Saw franchise has long been a series which critics are used to not getting screenings for and for good reason – there’s nothing a critic could say about them which would persuade or dissuade someone from going to see them.  By this stage in the game (Saw VI by last count), everyone going to see it, already knows what they’re getting and no amount of praise or damnation is going to change that.

But when a film is largely unknown, surely any kind of publicity is desirable?  The lack of press screenings is something that frequently happens to horror movies (Apollo 18, Devil and Piranha 3DD are all horrors that weren’t blessed with previews) and with no advanced word of mouth, you’re relying on your marketing budget to do the talking.

Granted screening films is expensive – you’ve got cinema hire and catering to figure in, plus security if it’s a large release. In today’s belt-tightening times, fewer press screenings are only to be expected.  But if you have any faith at all in your movie, surely you’d want others to write about it?

Usually the line we’re fed about not getting a press screening is that they’re trying to preserve the twist ending (a reason which doesn’t hold water because it pre-supposes that critics can’t keep a secret).

In fact, critics have a vested interest in keeping plot twists under wraps for the very good reason that their readers often don’t want their movies spoiled and will stop reading reviews by that author if that happens.  Thus, The Cabin In The Woods which is one of the best films of the year became quite tricky to review because the less you know about it the better.  Even those reviewers who decided to reveal the twists labelled their reviews with spoilers.  Critics are movie fans too; we do understand the desire not to have a film’s reveal ruined.

Critics automatically get suspicious when a film is only given one preview the week of release (as was the case with Dark Shadows last week), as it usually indicates that a studio wants to bury a bad film and any advanced reviews will negatively impact on marketing.

That I suppose is fair enough but no screening at all means that a few dedicated critics will pay to see the movie and will automatically be in a bad mood – it’ll be in the morning, with no one they know, possibly with a hangover- rather than in the evening where the edge of a bad film can be taken off with good company and a few beers.

So, it’s alarming that The Dictator – which looked pretty funny in all the trailers – wasn’t given a press preview, especially considering the number of clips that were released prior to its premiere.  Already, alarm bells start ringing and thoughts turn to “what are they trying to hide?” particularly with a well-known lead and a comedy film, a genre often vastly improved by a larger audience.  So while the jury’s still out on The Dictator (in fact, we’ve got a dedicated scribe going to see it tonight, so we’ll have a review by the end of the week), my money’s going to be on “rather weak”

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