The Amazing Spider-Man Main Trailer Breakdown

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With Avengers Assemble being the superhero film to beat this year, everyone else has got a lot of work to do. Well the main trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man has just swung in and with a few weeks to go before it hits the big screen what can we learn?

It’s been clear from the start that Webb’s version was always going to have a darker tone that the Raimi incarnations. Consequently all the clips we’ve seen so far have a murkier colour palette. With the darkening that 3D glasses add to the experience, it seems it might be difficult to make out anything at all. But that’s not all, with great power apparently comes great angst and Webb appears to be playing that up with a greater focus on Spider-Man’s lost parents (the tacit understanding in the Spidey universe is that Peter Parker was raised by his Uncle and Aunt).

It’s an interesting angle to take though. Marvel have so far been about bright and colourful characters and left the moodiness to Chris Nolan and the Batman franchise. Can Spider-Man pull it off too?

Why does every superhero gain the uncanny ability to sew when they receive their powers? Not really sure what we think of the textured effect on the suit. It looks good in stills but moving about, Peter does look a bit like the world’s most agile condom. Ribbed for her pleasure? Eeeew.

It’s also the first time we get a look at the Lizard who…uh…frankly just looks indistinguishable from Killer Croc. That doesn’t bode well for a captivated villain although I have to say it does look better than the first Spider-Man’s Green Goblin.

The city does look impressive though. Eschewing Raimi’s brownstone aesthetic, Webb has instead gone for an ultra-modern look which looks spectacular – all shiny glass and night-time neon lights.

Spidey’s going to be using his traditional mechanical web-shooters that he had in the comics but they looks like glorified children’s toys. Frankly, I never saw a problem with the biological ones in the first place – surely that was a sensible retcon for something the original writers forgot to write in in the first place? Ah well, look forward to those being in all good toys shops not long after the release.

Anyway, enough griping. There’s actually some rather impressive action set pieces – a vertiginious skyscraper chase with the lizard, Spidey dangling a burning car off a bridge. Check it out for yourself and see what you think.

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  1. Guirilandia says:

    Not bad… but I’ve got a superhero overdose right now. Too many of them…

  2. John H says:

    Why does everything have to be “dark”? The main joy of the original Marvel comics (and, by extension, the Marvel superhero movies) was their lightness of touch, their escapism and sense of humour.
    The main rival to Marvel has always been DC comics, which have consistently been much more sombre and po-faced. DC comics were for the kids who wore their school uniforms exactly according to the school’s instructions whereas Marvel was for the kids who wore their ties shorter and fatter or wore trainers instead of shiny shoes. DC readers went on to be middle managers, estate agents and voters who trusted that the politicians they elected would be respectable and honest.
    Marvel readers were much more relaxed and, well, cool. Making the new Spiderman movie “darker” than the preceding ones will appeal to DC readers but will totally miss the point, just as happened with Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, X-men and all the other franchises, including, probably, Star Trek.
    It’s all very depressing. Life is dark enough in reality without fantasy having to be dark as well. TV soaps are unremittingly grim, cops shows are sadistic in their treatment of victims and most films portray murders, torture and fatal accidents as entertaining fun. It’s like the last days of Rome on my telly sometimes.
    Why does everything have to be so “dark”?